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10 Easy Home-Made Thank You Card Designs (How to)

Our children have been beyond blessed this Christmas, so to send a little token of appreciation to our family and friends for their generosity, we made some home-made Thank You cards together to send out.

Make your own DIY thank you cards

You'll probably find many posts past, present and future when I rave about these blank cards and envelopes from Anita's.

Really good value for money and you get 50 blank cards and envelopes which are really good quality. I think is such good value (because lets face it, that's the price of just 2 in the shop) and I personally love getting a homemade card.

Marker Pen Rainbow

I think 2020 was the year of the rainbow in the UK. During the coronavirus pandemic, the rainbow has become a symbol of support for people wanting to show solidarity with NHS workers.

With so many people's sprits lifted by this symbol, get your little ones to use marker pens for their best colourful design. We used these acrylic marker pens for this card design (great pens for rock painting also!) and a few little sparkles from The Range a bargain at £1.25 and they last forever I swear!

Marker Pen Rainbow Thankyou Card !

Thumb Printing

You can make these easy, funny thank you cards. Get your little ones using thumb prints in their designs. Pinterest have so many thumb print ideas that you can add onto these blank cards. We went for strawberries in our design.

Thumb Printed Strawberry Thankyou !

Spot Stickers

A lovely thank you card for teacher. I initially bought these stickers to decorate the children's school jumpers for Children In Need a few years ago and we still have so many left now.

Another staple for the craft box! Sealing envelopes, decorating brown paper gift wrap, artwork, school books - the list is endless. We used ours to make a bunch of happy smiley face balloons on our blank card. The other idea we had was to use them for emoji faces.

Spot Sticker Thanks-a-BUNCH Thankyou Card !

A Ray Of Sunshine

Send some vitamin D through the doors of your loved ones with this bright and happy sunshine card using lots of different materials you have at home on your blank card. We saw this gorgeous design on It Happens In A Blink and thought we'd give it a go with our own twist using bits and bobs of gift wrap, washi tape, old greetings cards etc. Homemade thank you cards have never been so multi-materialed.

Ray of Sunshine (Array of Materials) Thankyou Card !

Neon Paint Scraping

A firm favourite of ours in our quest for the best handmade thank you cards. The children love making these. We sent out so many in first lockdown! We used these gorgeous florescent poster paints.

A few dots of each colour in one corner of the card and scrap them to the opposite corner using a ruler. We let ours dry and stuck on these pretty gold letters to say thanks!

Neon Paint Scraping Thankyou Card !

Washi Tape

The nearest I got to 'thank you pop up cards' as it's partially pushing the 4rd dimension :-) We always get our washi tapes from Tiger who sadly don't have an online store (or thankfully doesn't have an online store if you're asking my bank account). Cut a shape into the front of your blank card, get a square of paper and stick lines of tape across it.

Then stick the washi tape square on the inside of the card so the colours are showing through your shape. This idea can be used for so many different shapes and occasions - Easter Eggs, Christmas Baubles, you name it!

Washi Tape Shapes Thankyou Card !

Googly Eyes

My house is a breeding ground for stick-on googly eyes, they show up everywhere (call them a crafting Mum's bobby pin!). We like to send our friends abroad (or basically anywhere that isn't Wales) a little token of our homeland - of course sheep are top of the rankings. I saw this fun little idea somewhere on Pinterest and I can't for the life of me find it again!

Just a hand drawn leaping lamb onto the blank card, with a cut-out, red heart stuck on and some eyes and you have a little bit of Wales! Can of course be done with any other animals too ;)

Googly Eyed Animal Thankyou Card Designs !


We have enough stickers to sink a ship. This one is perfect for little hands! My youngest had so much fun sticking on these sparkly stars and prementioned dots from The Range onto our blank cards.

Stickered Star Thankyou Card !


Using the prementioned sticky letters in the middle of the card to write your message, give your little ones a coloured marker pen and let them dot away until their hearts content. My eldest used a gold sharpie pen for his design.

Gold Dotting Thankyou Card Designs !

Red Ted Art

A great thank you cards for teachers. This one is a shout out to an amazing little craft blog called Red Ted Art who have so many sweet and simple ideas.

I fell in love with this happy little snowman, and with so many of our pals having snow right now (not us - hmph!) we couldn't resist making one of our own. Take your blank card, two little circles for cheeks, a carrot for a nose and a black marker pen and you have the sweetest little guy ready to send!

Amazing Red Ted Thankyou Card !

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