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Mother of Grom
About Me

Mother of Grom

Hello! I am Mother of Grom - although somewhat disappointingly my birth certificate tells me my name is actually Rachel (*admittedly gutted and I've checked it many times to make sure it wasn't a typo.)

I was born and still live in South Wales (UK) and since retiring from Principle Latin-American Dancing I have long been trying to channel my creativity through my simple family life - with my two little blonde, beach-loving Groms who can always be found in our house, garden or in the ocean.

It has always been my dream to share these creations, findings and experiences with others who may find them interesting, informative or just simply fun.

My tech head is 74% maximised with the total (but partial) knowledge of how to blog and hence I have decided to throw all my possessions into my digital-haversack and take a heroic 'leap of faith.'

So, hugs and wholehearted thanks for joining me sisters, brothers - fellow Extra Terrestrials !
. . . . You did pack a parachute right?

Grom 1 and Grom 2

Raising my boys Haydn (10) and Bodhi (4) has brought me a never-ending flow of happiness and a never ending flow of grey hairs.

They are energetic little creatures who keep me on my toes and keep me in credit (emotionally anyway)

Living life once again through a child's eyes has meant I have blissfully recaptured the moments I loved so much as a little girl, growing up and kicking it in Wales.

Haydn and Bo - I salute you ._ .

Other Family Projects

I love collaborating and working with people towards a shared goal . . . . Humans and Partners - Get in touch!

Ethical Brands / Partners that I Love