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Homemade Zog The Dragon Costume - How To Make Guide

Have the best costume in all of dragon school with this homemade Zog The Dragon costume. Based on the book by Julia Donaldson for World Book Day.

'Zog' is a 2010 children's picture book ..

by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Scheffler, about a young accident-prone dragon, named Zog, who wants to be the best student in dragon school.

The Zog book has also been made into a Zog film by the incredible animation company Magic Light Productions.

Magic light have also made many other Julia Donaldson books into beautifully animated films (The Highway Rat, The Gruffalo, Stickman, Zog 2 (Zog and the Flying Doctors), Room on the Broom) I can't recommend enough all of these films for your family, they are simply perfect. Yes ! Zog TV !

For World Book Day 2020 my children's school decided on 'Dragon theme' so my youngest, accident prone son (who wants to be the best student in school) decided he wanted to dress up as his favourite ambitious little dragon.

Mother of Grom - Zog Costume and Toothless Costume
Mother of Grom - Zog and Toothless Dragons all ready for World Book Day !

This costume was made before Mother Of Grom (and the Mother of Grom Blog) was even an idea, so you will have to excuse my lack of pictures (I literally only have the ones I sent my husband in work!) but I will do my best to explain the steps, and if I lose you on the way then please don't hesitate to contact me on Instagram and I can guide you through it.

I have done this with quite a few of my lovely followers and the results have been amazing. I must warn this tutorial will not include how to make the wings and tail. Firstly, I have no pictures of them and secondly they were probably the most frustrating part of the costume - sorry!

I will also do my best to tag my materials if I can find them online.

So practice your roar, set fire to your breath and stretch out your scaly wings and join me on a fly-by straight to the land of 'Zog Fancy Dress'

Materials you will need to make the Zog Outfit

How to make your Zog costume

  1. First take one of your A1 sheets of card and draw the outline of Zog's face. I had to use the book for reference (and yes, it took a few attempts to get right so maybe I need to add an eraser to the list of materials)
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume sketching up
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume sketching up the outline

  1. Cut around your drawing outline. Use this as a template for your second piece of A1 yellow card to draw around so you have two identical Zog head shapes.
  2. Using one of these template heads, take your cardboard and use the template to copy and cut out two more heads.
  3. Paint one side of each Zog head with your orange acrylic paint and leave to dry. Mine needed two coats but you can judge whether or not you think it will need a second coat. Also paint one side of the cardboard outlines too, making sure the edges are painted.
  4. Once dried, turn over and paint the other side of both heads with your orange acrylic paint. Both sides will need to be orange as you'll be able to see the inside of it too. (I told you this was easy fancy dress ;-)
  5. Using your glue gun, coat the unpainted cardboard heads with glue and stick to the one side of your painted (previously yellow) card heads. Make sure the heads are facing in different directions (as ones attatched to the hat one will be on the left side of your head and one will be on the right, the cardboard will be on the inside - please look at the very top picture for reference)
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume adding sparkle
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume adding some glitter

  1. I took my black sharpie marker pen (an essential 'childrens fancy dress item) and drew around the edge to give more definition, and used the glitter glue to add detail and texture to the face.
  2. I took my white card and cut out 2x circles for the eyes, the horns and the teeth and glued those on the faces. I used my sharpie to outline those and add some detail.
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume illustrator outling
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume illustrator outlining

  1. Make a tube shape out of cardboard (ah! so homemade fancy dress) that will fit snuggly on the person wearing the costume. The height of the cardboard tube needs to be slightly smaller than your cardboard Zog head shapes. Staple together and paint orange with your acrylic paint.
  2. Once your tube has dried it's time to attach your cardboard Zog heads using your glue gun. Below is the picture of mine so you can see the angle of them. It needs to be positioned so you can see through the mouth.
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume attaching to head
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume attaching to head

  1. Take your 3rd piece of A1 yellow card and cut out a square for the tummy (with rounded off edged and scale shapes (as pictured below.)
  2. I used the remainder of my orange paint to add finger print details to them.
  3. I added some of the rhinestones in alternating colours sticking them on with my glue gun. Could it be a dragon fancy dress costume without rhinestones?!?
  4. I then attached the tummy and scales onto the yellow t-shirt using my glue gun (I placed some card inside the t-shirt as I this held the shape and stopped the glue seeping through and sticking to the back of the t-shirt). I filled in the gaps with off cut card and added some stones to those.
Mother of Grom - Making the dragon scales
Mother of Grom - Making the dragon scales
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume attach scales to chest
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume attach scales to chest
  1. I cut out a star shape for the badge. I lined it with the gold border stickers. I put a strip of gold card with a thinner strip of red felt glued on top to give the impression of a ribbon. I then glued the whole thing to the left side oft he chest.
  2. I used the orange glitter glue to add some line details tothe body (as pictured below)
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume the golden star badge
Mother of Grom - Zog Costume the golden star badge

And there you have one little Zog The Dragon costume for your little one. I really think this is a great, unisex fancy dressing costume for boys or girl. File it under both 'fancy dress for boys' or 'fancy dress costumes for girls.' To complete the look, pair what you've made with the orange leggings, and figure out some wings (please let me know if you find a successful cardboard template as I'd love to know for future cozzies)

Mother of Grom - The finished Zog Costume
Mother of Grom - The Finished Zog Costume (Nice dance leg Bo!)

As always, I'd LOVE to see your homemade goodies so please tag/send to me. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. And also, any shares on social media is always appreciated. I loved making this Zog costume, if nothing more than to hang up my 'Mother of Grom' handle and ascend to my true calling of 'Mother of Dragon.'

'Mother of Dragon?' Singular ?


'Mother of Dragons' as I will shortly be posting the tutorial on 'How to make the Toothless costume' (from How to train you dragon and pictured above) Stay tuned my unsullied ;-)

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Peace and love.

MoD x

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