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10 Fun Traditions for New Years Eve at Home with Children

A few NYE family traditions we try to upkeep every year. More enjoyable than waiting for a cab in the rain at 1am!

Ring in the New Year at home

Whether you're spelling it New Years or New Year's? Who cares! Owing to COVID19 and Lockdowns, in 2020/2021 there aren't many places to go for new years eve with family. Once again, who cares!

Being a Mum of two boys, the plans to go out on New Years Eve are long gone, especially when we're in the 74th lockdown of 2020. Does anyone ever actually know what to do on New Year's Eve? With so many years gone by where I was totally disappointed with New Years celebrations in the past (that I had spent alot of money on) as the years go by I simply make more cherished memories at home with my family.

What do we do? I'll tell you. Here are 10 ideas to get you through December 31st with little ones.

Rock Painting

Getting creative with rocks after breakfast is a firm favourite to start December 31st in our house. Jazzing them up with our acrylic pens and some New Years designs is a great way to pass half an hour and get the creative juices of your little ones flowing. It's also a great way to encourage them to GET OFF THE SOFA and out for some fresh air to hide them in the neighbourhood.

We all know Jan 1st is the day of 'New year, new me' and so many of us reach for that redundant Fitbit and try to burn off the Christmas cals - Let's add some sparkle to those local walks.

New Years Eve 2020 Sprinkle Sparkle Rock Paint Tastic !

Decorating The Gaff

With no money being spent on a New Year Eve Getaway - you can spend money on some home made bunting, balloons, selfie frame and New Year sparkles.

My boys get so excited when it comes to decorating for the big count down - What's a few more trimmings eh?

Happy New Years Polaroid Frame . 4 Groms . 3 Conformers . 1 Rebel .

Reflecting On The Past Year

I don't often remember the camcorder (Birthdays, Easter, Christmas, Repeat) but when we do get to connect it up on New Years Eve and look back on the memories we made through the year, it makes me SO thankful I did.

Watching how quickly everything went by, and how much the children have grown is a perfect way of wrapping up the year for us. (*Makes mental note in New Years Resolutions -'Film the kids more! Film the kids more!') I highly recommend this neat little Panasonic Camcorder that I purchased from Curry's. It's lasted us a few years, and the quaity of the footage is excellent.

'Should auld acquaintance be forgot?'

Make a Time Capsule

If there's ever a year to remember, for better or for worse - 2020 is probably it. Our little ones will probably not remember every little detail of this global pandemic but the stories will be told for years to come. What better way to capture their feelings and unique memories of these crazy times than by making a 2020 time capsule.

Decorate an old takeout plastic tray with a lid, or an empty plastic drinks bottle and slide your memories and drawings inside. Bury in the garden or even just pop it at the back of the wardrobe. It's definitely one you'll want to dig up in the future. You could also add in 'dreams and goals' for the future.

If only I had more time... Wait, a minute, I got all the time I want! I got a time machine! I could just go back early and warn him!

Playlist For Dancing

Whether it's new songs from the current year (undoubtedly will feature some tiktok hits) or some classics from a bygone era. Put on your favourite 'choons' on a Amazon Music ready to get your party at home started.

Video Call Family and Friends

The thought of spending New Year alone may scare some people (including me) but living with the technology that surrounds us, there is absolutely no need to.

Whether it's Skype, Facetime or the new 2020 hit Zoom, there's no better way to put a smile on the faces of your loved ones with some overexcited kids checking in to wish them a happy new year!

Glow Stick Bath

OK. This could be filed under 'New Years Eve ideas for couples' or 'New Years Eve ideas for kids' It's been dark outside at silly o'clock, so what better way to get the party started than a glow stick bath. I only tend to do these on bonfire night and NYE because they can not be recycled. Run your little ones a warm bath and pop a handful in the tub to add some magic.

You can even get Dad to supervise while you crack on with food. I always hold onto the sticks after use as they do come in handy for different craft projects. Whether it's wrapping them in coloured fabrics, ribbons, beads and making little bracelets (great designs over on the Make and Takes blog), or sticking them to an old plant pot and painting, there are so many ideas online of ways to use them so they don't go to landfill.

Glow Stick Bath. Klaxxons 'Golden Skans' Anyone ?

Dress Up!

My family pretty much live in wetsuits through Spring and Summer and pyjamas through Autumn and Winter. Why not use this as an excuse to get looking all fancy.

Dig out those party dresses that you never wear, and those collared shirts that you only reach for for weddings and the school disco, and see in the New Year in style.

Suited and Booted !

Ringing in the New Year with food

We love a grazing table - such a treat. With there being no real routine to our afternoon/evening this is just perfect for continual 'picking.' (If you have help, I always do this when my husband is watching the children in the glowstick bath). This one pictured when a 'bubble' was just something you blew.

A feast fit for a King's Landing !


There are so many delicious fruity mocktail recipes online. While you're toasting in the New Year with a prosecco, why not make a colourful fun drink for your little ones.

They don't have to be unhealthy either! BBC Goodfood have some great ideas. Don't forget the umbrella and the 2020 New Years Glasses!

Mocktail. A Cocktail with no alcohol if you will !

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