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Giant Halloween DIY Outdoor Spider & Web Tutorial - UK Materials!

After watching many incredible American-based Spider and Spiderweb tutorials (shout out to the amazing - Wicked Makers!) using products that we could only dream of here in the UK, I decided to investigate ways we could achieve this particular outdoor Halloween set-up using British brands to accomplish the same look.

This scary spider and his wonderful woven web is the perfect addition to our Halloween decor...

and has had so much attention from the neighbours. You too can make this humungous DIY Halloween decoration and hang it simply from your house ... and it's authentic looking spider-webbing.

My new favourite thing to do now is to sit in the window and watch passers by do a double take while walking or driving past our house. Comedy gold!

Trenton Mills Beef Netting is something that every Halloween crafter dreams of (is that weird coming from a Vegan?) and yet it appears it's even hard to come by for our friends across the pond too! But fear not, I've found the perfect British substitute - Just watch my video to see what it is!

The spider web is machine washable, and reusable so it can come out year after year to make your home spookalicious.

To make your very own Spooky Spider and his Web ..

The materials you will need are:

  • Chicken wire
  • Expanding Foam (x6)
  • Black Spray Pain (x2)
  • 28mm Pipe Insulation (x8)
  • 15mm Pipe Insulation (x8)

  • Masking Tape
  • Glue Gun
  • Take Out Bowls (x3)
  • Crafting Knife
  • Scissors

Spider Web can be purchased premade to your required length from my store

or, watch my video to find out what I used to make it.

We also used a staple gun to tack the web to the wooden frames of our home. If we didn't have the wood we would have probably used UPVC stickable hooks instead.

My final top tip is : 'Don't be like me! As this silly sausage put her mammoth spider decoration up just 2 days before Halloween and now loves it so much .. that I am refusing to take it down (even though we are safely into November)

Can't I just put a red Christmas hat on it and some festive stockings and leave it up until 12 days after Christmas ?
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Mother of Grom - Blog - Author
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Mother. Blogger. Maker. Baker.

Queen of the Sandals and Breaker of Paper Chains.