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4 Easy Homemade Christmas Card Ideas (How to)

Handmade cards really tell someone how important they are. At this special time here are a handful of Christmas card ideas you can make with the bits and bobs at the bottom of your craft box.

Make your own Christmas cars and Christmas postcards

1. Pom-Pom Tree

These fluffy, green, glitter pom-poms were left over from an old bean seller costume I made for my son. I used 'Bertie' my old faithful glue gun, who without which none of this website would have been possible! I

It's not much to look at and you don't need to take any finance out to get one! Unlike this little beast (Patreon dreams are made of this while singing to Annie Lennox.) to stick these cards which I bought which are such good value for 50 square cards with envelopes from a brand called Anita's which are stocked in many places. A couple of sparkles, a tin-foil pot for the tree, a star on top and you have yourself some easy-peasy Christmas tree cards for your family and friends, or in our case our children's teachers.

Pom-Pom Tree !

2. Bubblewrap Tree

These might not be the most elegant Chistmas cards but they really define a handmade Christmas tree card. Probably the one and only time i'm thankful for excessive packaging. Using the same white square white cards from Anitas, I painted triangles of bubble-wrap green with a sporadic splash of colour for the baubles with my poster paints.

I then let my kids print away to their hearts content. This is a great Christmas drawing idea and a star sticker on top and you have another homemade goodie! These were super popular on my Pinterest Christmas cards pins.

Bubblewrap Tree !
"Where the treetops glisten"

3. Pipe Cleaner Tree. (Modern Christmas cards)

These are ideal Christmas cards for kids. I was going to type "What the frick are pipe cleaners ACTUALLY for?" but then I looked on Pinterest and quickly retracted that question when 150,000 ideas came up.

So clearly, I haven't maximised pipe-cleaner crafts in my 10 years of motherhood and there were a LOT in our craft box. Zig-zag those pipe cleaners, get your Bertie out (glue guns!) and stick them down on your Anita's cards. Add some sequin sparkles then a star and you have yourself a personalised furry tree friend.

Pipe Cleaner Tree !

4. The 'Tip Out The Scraps & Use Them' Tree

Ever wondered what to do with those 50 free Snapfish prints a month? Use November's freebies to print off your children's pictures, cut them out and turn them into baubles on the tree! This one in particular was a bittersweet one I did with the kids, for my dear Dad that was critically ill in hospital with COVID.

These cute Christmas drawings certainly gave him the boost he needed looking at their little faces all day on his bedside table. As you can see every sequin sparkle of every shape and colour was used in the making of this gold card. Who said less is more? Not this family. Nothing but easy Christmas drawings ;-)

Tip out the scraps and use them tree !

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