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The Perfect Cardiff Route Map For The Ultimate Girls Day & Night | Drinks, Dining & Activities

Experience the ultimate girls' day out in Cardiff, filled with cocktails, thrilling activities, and delectable dining, all within a short walk from each other, for a day you'll cherish forever.

If you're planning a girls' day out or a memorable hen party in Cardiff, you're in for a treat!

Cardiff, the vibrant capital city of Wales, has so much to offer for a day and evening filled with fun, laughter, and delicious cocktails.

I've put together a detailed itinerary for your day, starting at 11 am and ending at 11 pm, so you can make the most of your time in this incredible city. And the best bit? They're all within a 10 minute walk of each other so no need for long walks or hailing taxis!

Cardiff Route Map | Mother Of Grom
Cardiff Route Map | Mother Of Grom

11 am | Rum & Fizz - A Bubbly Start

Location: Rum & Fizz Castle Quarter Arcade, St Mary's Street, Cardiff CF10 1BU

Rum & Fizz | Mother Of Grom

Hey, it's a special day, so it's never too early for a cocktail, right? We kicked off our day at Rum & Fizz, a trendy cocktail bar located right in the heart of Cardiff. This stylish venue offers a wide range of cocktails, including some fantastic fizz options. The chic interior and lively atmosphere make it the perfect spot to get your day started in style. Whether you're into classic cocktails or unique creations, Rum & Fizz has something for every palate.

Instagram: @rumandfizz

11:50 am | Escape Room Cardiff - An Adventure Awaits

Location: Escape Room Cardiff, 119 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1DY

Escape Rooms Cardiff | Mother Of Grom

No girls' day out would be complete without a little adventure, and Escape Room Cardiff offers the perfect blend of excitement and teamwork. Located in the heart of Cardiff, this place has a multitude of incredible rooms to choose from. While I can personally vouch for the amazing experiences of Sherlock Holmes and Z, for our girls' day we were invited to embark on the "Astro Quest." We were warmly welcomed by Felix (who was awesome!) who set the stage for our interstellar mission. Picture this: the ship has fallen under the control of an alien life force, threatening to plunge us into a nearby black hole. Our mission? To get back control, extract the ship's crystal life force, and navigate our way safely home – all within the most desperate of hours. But don't worry, no pressure! Without giving away too much, I can say that laughter was endless for us. The sheer hilarity and the unforgettable memories we made during this adventure will be cherished by us for years to come. Escape Room Cardiff truly adds a thrilling dimension to your Cardiff girls' day out.

Instagram : @escaperoomscardiff

1:15 pm | The Botanist - A Botanical Paradise

Location: The Botanist, 7 Friary House, Greyfriars Rd, Cardiff CF10 3FA

The Botanist | Mother Of Grom

After your exhilarating escape room experience, it's time to refuel and relax. The Botanist is the perfect place for a drinks (but the menu shouldn't be over looked here either). What sets it apart are the drinks and cocktails, which are not just delicious but also creatively presented. You can indulge in a variety of refreshing concoctions, from classic mojitos to unique signature drinks. The Botanist's botanical-inspired décor adds a touch of elegance to your afternoon.

2:30 pm | PHO - A Vegan Feast

Location: PHO, 8 St David's Dewi Sant, Cardiff CF10 2ER

PHO Restaurant | Mother Of Grom

Our dining experience at Pho, guided by the wonderful Josh, was nothing short of spectacular. What truly sets Pho apart is its wide range of vegan options, accommodating various dietary preferences. We started our time at PHO with the most delicious prawnless crackers paired with a sweet chilli dip, and the summer rolls, which were accompanied by an incredible peanut dipping sauce (a sauce which we will dream about for the rest of our lives!). For our main course, we savoured a diverse selection, including a tofu and vegetable rice bowl, vermicelli noodles featuring a convincing "this isn't chicken" option, and wok-fried noodles featuring tofu and mushrooms. One of the standout features of dining at Pho is that despite the dishes being wonderfully filling, they are surprisingly light, ensuring that our plans for more cocktails were not compromised in the slightest. Speaking of cocktails, Pho pleasantly surprised us with an exceptional range. We highly recommend trying the Phoito, Ha Noi Mulr, Pride Punch, and the Prickly Pear for an unforgettable dining experience.

Instagram : @phorestaurant

4 pm | The Alchemist - Mixology Magic

Location: The Alchemist, 117 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1DY

The Alchemist | Mother Of Grom

Every girls' day out deserves a touch of magic, and that's exactly what you'll find at The Alchemist. It's not just a cocktail bar; it's an enchanting theatrical experience in a glass. Our delightful hosts, Tia and Maisy, went above and beyond to make our visit unforgettable. The Alchemist boasts an extensive cocktail menu that's nothing short of spellbinding. Our top 10 favourites included the Pina Co - Lava Lamp, Colour Changing Once, Dead Red Zombie, Disco Sour, Pipe Dream, Smokey Old Fashioned, The Legal One, T&T, Foam Alone, and Lightbulb Moment. Each cocktail was a sensory masterpiece, not only in taste but also in visual presentation. The excitement that filled the air as these concoctions were brought to our table was truly electric. The Alchemist is undoubtedly the ultimate destination for cocktails that turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. The Alchemist also have a fantastic food menu. You can read my review for my dining experience with them here.

Instagram: @thealchemistuk

5:30 pm | Flight Club - Social Darts and Fun

Location: Flight Club 3-4 St Mary St, Cardiff CF10 1AT

Flight Club | Mother Of Grom

Our day took an unexpected and exhilarating turn as we stepped into Flight Club, a venue that has reinvented darts for the 21st century. This place is all about bringing people together for fast-paced, thrilling multiplayer games that are designed to keep you hooked, entertained, and filled with joy. Whether you're a darts expert or a complete beginner, Flight Club's Social Darts ensures everyone has a shot at victory. With a group of friends, we settled into our own playing area, enjoying the lively atmosphere and sipping on our prosecco. We even indulged in two delectable sharing pizzas, with a vegan option available for our plant-based gals. What impressed us the most was the convenience of ordering drinks right to our playing area, eliminating the need to leave our game to queue at the bar. And when our 90-minute game slot concluded, we took the party up to the rooftop terrace, a stunning space that perfectly encapsulates the vibrant nightlife of Cardiff. Flight Club was an absolute highlight of our girls' day out, and we left with hearts full of laughter and unforgettable memories.

Instagram : @flightclubdarts

9:30 pm | Gin & Juice - Last Stop

Location: Gin & Juice, 24 Castle Arcade, Cardiff CF10 1BY

Gin & Juice | Mother Of Grom

As your perfect day out in Cardiff comes to an end, there's one last stop you must make: Gin & Juice. This cocktail bar takes centre stage with handcrafted cocktails and expert mixologists. The elegant yet cosy atmosphere and impeccable service make it an ideal spot for your final round of drinks. Escape the indoors and enjoy their open-air oasis, designed to provide you with a memorable experience. Whether you're relaxing on their outdoor seating area or trying one last creative cocktail, Gin & Juice is the perfect way to wrap up your day.

I'm so happy to be able to share with you the best spots in our stunning capital. Cardiff is full of surprises and memorable experiences, making it an ideal destination for a girls' day out or a hen do. With a well-planned itinerary like this, you're guaranteed to have a fantastic time exploring the city, creating lasting memories, and enjoying delicious food and drinks along the way. Cheers to an unforgettable day in the capital of Wales!

*I have collaborated with these venues for the purpose of this article but all views are my own.

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