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'Zipmas' at Zip World Llechwedd, North Wales - PR Visit and Review.

This weekend we were truly honored to be invited by the wonderful staff at Zip World to their magical Christmas experience, 'Zipmas' at Llechwedd, North Wales.

North Wales’ ultimate Christmas Grotto adventure is really like no other...

Tucked away 500ft underground in their historical caverns, we got to venture down by riding on Europe's steepest cable railway to meet Santa in the grotto. The ride alone is super exhilarating. Lit up by the twinkling Christmas lights it really is a super special start to the journey.

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 1

When we reached the caves the children were given a miners lantern and we went on to explore the chambers in the caves which were cold and crisp and beautifully decorated with snow, trees and Christmas lights. There are moments at this time of year that really do fill you with happiness and warmth, and being here with the children brought me pure joy.

It was just so incredibly magical.

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 2

We got to meet a cheerful Christmas elf sat in Santa's sleigh, who was super funny and called the boys in for a photograph. She then pointed us in the direction of Santa's grotto which we could see in the distance - this was honestly breathtaking.

Mother of Grom 1 - Zipmas 3

Eventually you reach a wooden cabin within the furthest underground tunnel where the adorable Christmas elves guide you in to see the big man himself.

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 4

This Santa was so special.

He was immaculately dressed, and gave the boys the warmest welcome and spent quite a while with them. He was full of joy with a beautiful North Walian accent. He knew exactly what they wanted for Christmas this year which sent my youngest sons imagination into overdrive, and made them both chuckle when he told them he wanted them to leave him cheese & onion crisps on Christmas Eve, as he loved them!

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 5

As we left Santa’s grotto the children were given a slate bauble to decorate in the cafe upstairs, which was so precious. The bauble is the perfect addition for our Chritsmas tree which is filled with decorations from all over, and brings back such incredible memories each year when we bring them down from the attic. If that wasn't enough, the children were lucky to leave Santa’s Grotto adventure with a complimentary mug of delicious hot chocolate, and for us adults, a yummy glass of mulled wine. We even got  a local homemade mince pie! The perfect winter warmer!

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 6

We took these into the cafe, where tables are laid out with pens and ribbons for the children to use to decorate their slate bauble - They had lots of fun decorating these and took it very seriously and are now hanging proudly on our Christmas Tree at home.

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 7

On the way out we bumped into the Grinch who was hilarious, and gave my hubby a sticker that read 'You're on the naughty list' - The kids loved that!

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 8

As we were about to leave our special Zipmas experience, the boys were kindly given a lovely age appropriate gift for each of them which was an appreciated bonus on top of such an already exceptional experience.

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 9

As far as Christmas experiences in the UK go, this is up there. Living in South Wales it was a bit of a trek, but absolutely worth the distance for the two hour experience - Plus any excuse to take Grom the campervan out. The views of Snowdonia are breathtaking and fills my heart with pride to be able to call this stunning country my home. We stayed on a lovely little wild camping spot that we found on Park4Nights in the van which was only 20 minutes from the venue. Just want to give a shout out to our diesel heater which kept us warm and cozy in our fab little second home on wheels.

A big thank you again to Zip World for gifting us this magical start to our Christmas time. We can't wait to come back and try all of the other activities that Zip World have to offer in this beautiful part of the world.

Mother of Grom - Zipmas 10

Book your tickets over on the Zipmas page linked here.

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