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Printing Flowers with Celery Stalks - How To Guide

Who knew the key to the perfect rose stamp was a celery stalk? It's a global super-power at flower printing on cards or printing pictures on homemade gift wrap. In this post cover it all - from preparing the celery to mixing the paint for the perfect card.

Flower prints with a Celery? A Celery Flower then!

Mother nature surpasses herself again. The good old celery is now more than a delcious and nutritious veggie. It's only doubling up as a must-have art tool for 2021 - a beautiful flower stamp!

Celery flowers be like ....

With Mothers day fast approaching, I've been on the look out for a sweet craft idea / printing idea for my children and this one is just the job. What's not to love about vegetable printing? You can use this print for so many things too!

  • Cards
  • Gift Wrap
  • Tote Bags
  • Tea Towels
  • Table Runners (on a roll of white paper)
  • Napkins
  • A framed picture
  • A cushion

I roped in my 5 year old son for this activity and he absolutely loved it. What 5 year old wouldn't rather painting with celery than eating it! We sent these cards out as 'Thank you' cards as it's a week after his birthday.

What you will need for your vegetable printing

To recreat these simple painting of flowers, you will need :

  • Celery
  • Paint - Choose your paint according to your project. We used a poster paint but if it's for a tote you will need an acrylic.
  • Your canvas
  • Glitter is optional - My son wanted to add sparkle.
  • A spare piece of paper to stamp excess paint off onto.
Mother of Grom - The items needed for Celery Rose Printing

Method for creating rose prints with celery stalks

  • I monitored/helped my son to use a knife, so (very carefully) he started by cutting the stalks of the celery. With the rose printing, the lower down the celery stalk you go determines how tight the 'rose leaves' will be, so don't cut too far down at first. It's worth getting a spare piece of paper and trial printing some first which I will guide you with how much you need to cut off.
Mother of Grom - Cutting the Celery

  • I used some folded-over foil to create a tray, and splattered a few dollops on different coloured paints on it. We were making thank you cards so went quite vibrant, but you could go with red/pink for Valentines day or pastel colours for mothers day.
Mother of Grom - Preparing the Paint
  • Time for the rose printing! Dip your celery stalks in the paint, stamp off the excess paint on your spare paper and then press down firmly on the stalk while printing the rose flower - As demonstrated by my gorgeous little Bo Snow. It is really important not to put too much paint on to your celery stalk as you will lose the definition of the print and clog up your celery. (And no one wants clogged up celery - how can one expect to create Guernica with a clogged up celery?!?)
Mother of Grom - Grom 2 having an Art Attack

  • Voila! Rose Print with celery rose stamp. Here is the example of longer stalk print, where the petals look more spaced out. It looks like a flower more than a rose, but still so pretty.
Mother of Grom - The Celery Rose Print
  • Here is the print where we'd cut the stalk quite low. Gives a tighter, more rose like look.
Mother of Grom - The other Celery Stalk Rose Print

  • We used the celery sticks we'd cut off for Bo (my lil flower printer) to dip in some green paint and add a couple of leaves under the rose.
Mother of Grom - Adding the leaves
  • When happy with the celery painting, if you want to add a bit of sparkle, then a pink of glitter over the wet paint will do. I wouldn't advise too much as takes away the detail for the petals.
Mother of Grom - RoseJazzling with Glitter

  • A quick, easy and effective decorating tool straight from nature. Flower Celery for Prime Minister I say! And I think most kids will agree FAR more appealing than eating it!
Mother of Grom - The finished Celery Stalk Rose Print

And there you have it the finished vegetable print. Please tag me in all of your celery stamping fun, as it brings a huge smile to my face to see my followers having a go! And wonder if there is any money in vegetable art prints? Scratch that .. I'll just keep eating the veggies.

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