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50 Elf On The Shelf Ideas & Games. Part 2 (2020)

10 more simple and fun ideas for Elf On The Shelf (UK)

How does Elf on the Shelf work?

I really don't know, for the month of December I honestly just wing it!

Welcome once again. If you are still conscious and with me after Elf on the shelf PART 1 and haven't needed to crack open a bottle of Prosecco and polish off a whole cheese plate.

Then join me once again for PART 2 or skip ahead to PART 3 or PART 4.

Did I mention I've got 6 years worth of this nonsense safely strapped under my Primark belt.

Believe me when I say I'm qualified. Trust me. I do this sh*t with my eyes closed (literally) And. Here. We. Go. (Take the Elf)

Fig and Pud do have exquisite taste in Christmas knitwear. Bravo chums.

11. Here's some plush Elf on the Shelf clothes. If you can relinquish the credit for buying the Christmas jumpers then why not give the credit to the elves on the shelves and let them bring them all the way from the North Pole.

The Elf On The Shelf - A Christmas Tradition. Wtf ? Painting white sweets is a Christmas tradition ?!?

12. Locate some rather uncanny 'white' skittles and let the elves paint away into the early hours. (Obviously don't eat the half painted skittle.)

You could even make the blue Elf on the Shelf - the green Elf on the Shelf.

Elf On The Shelf Outdoor Assault Course

13. The classic 'Zipping down a few shoelaces tied together' Elf On The Shelf is an action figure afterall

Rice Crispy Slipper Spoon. Isn't that a great name for an Elf.

14. Obviously transfer the cereal to an actual bowl before adding the milk. What else do you do with retired summer espadrilles ?

Elf On The Shelf Bedtime Stories. (The complicated edition)

15. Similar vein as the jumpers in (1) if you can live with letting the elves take all the credit for your thoughtful and insightful gifts.

Then let them take even MORE credit for a Christmas book. I wouldn't recommend going that extra yard however and burning a branch of your actual Christmas tree, putting it in a pot and decorating it so that it appears like a burnt miniature Christmas tree.

Muzzling a toy dragon (so that it appears that Edgar the dragon burnt the Christmas tree) just like in that John Lewis advert. As it may be a bit too much for a 4 year old to grasp. Right ?

Elf On The Shelf House. What an inspiration.

16.  Another way of crediting the lanky fairies with a present that you have bought and no, I have no clue why I decided to toast the bread - Rigidity ?

Elf (death) on the shelf (by gluttony)

17. Quality idea! A few tins and a box of chocolates. Blame the lack of 'purple ones' in the choccie box on the pixie menaces.

Ah the smug trickery of it (offset by the trauma of your personal weight gain)

Fig and Pud do a snowball battle.

18. Stage a snow fight with the Elf on the Shelf toys and some cotton wool balls and 2 x Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins's

Willy. Bum. Wee. Fart. Puff. The Universal Language of Elf

19. Design an Elf at the Is Elf On The Shelf School! Just grab yourself this magnificent magnetic Elf (from somewhere in China) coupled with some fridge letters (normally reserved only for the academics.)

This little beauty is a wrap in 2 minutes. Get to bed. You deserve it.

I'm not even sure if they even have teeth?

20. If you've made it all the way to the bathroom, started brushing your teeth and then remember about the gaunt gnomes. Try this. Bind those little irritations up with some dental floss.

Is it too late for some Elf on the Shelf movies? I'm kidding.... get yourself off to bed ;-)

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