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50 Elf On The Shelf Ideas & Games. Part 4 (2020)

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What is Elf on the Shelf?

Do you sing Elf On The Shelf songs? Have you seen the Elf On The Shelf movie? There really is a thing you know. Do you know who Carol Aebersold is? Who Chanda Bell is? And how much they are worth? Believe me .. you probably don't want to.

So, we did 10 in PART 1 and 10 in PART 2 and 10 in PART 3.

30 down and they are still coming in fast. Let us just crack on with PART 4

The no pants Christmas tree dance.

31. Elf Christmas decorations. A few guest elves with a penchant for decorating the Christmas tree with underpants. (*and nappies .. I'd recommend clean ones)

Pin the carrot on the snowman

32. Elf games don't get any better. What a gas ! Cut off the top of an old sports sock .. it makes for a sweet 1980's headband (which doubles as a retro blindfold)

Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins !

33. Yes. Yes you are. You are also a very naughty Elf on the Shelf.

Just like a snowman. But a snowman on a paleo diet.

34. An Elf On The Shelf Costume. I had more time back then and we only had one elf to account for.

Dress your wee uninvited house guest up as a snowman with black Elf on the Shelf coal for button

Ball Pit Elves Only

35. Pom Pom Pit! a classic in Elf on the Shelf world. If only they did these in adult sizes huh! Maybe not... living through COVID19 has taught me one thing : 

Keeping ball pits sanitised is a 3 man daily job and everyone has to abide by the Elf rules.

We've bought you back a snowman

36. The Elf On The Shelf snowman didn't last long .. The room temperature was dubious (just like my Elf handwriting)

A tree house is a Weeeeeeee House

37. Glue gun (Bertie), glitter and lollipop-stick your way into becoming an 'Elf-Staging Ninja.' Yeah I made them their own elf house.

Julius Caesar Sugarplum Waffles.

38. "Honey I shrunk the nativity costume x2" - The elves gifted Haydn his toga and they could all be matching. Naughty Elf on the Shelf.

Fig and Pud mutton busting (with no muttons and certainly no busting of muttons)

39. Sweet ! A sweet potato snake. Use more than 1 to make its 'inaction' a bit more slithery.

I'm sure there are some Elf on the Shelf ideas for adults to be found here. Yikes!

More important than Christmas day in our house. North Pole Breakfast.

40. Christmas eve, before the elves return to their home. They throw us a North Pole breakfast. Carrots ! Reindeers ! Instant, safe Table snow ! Elf On The Shelf picture frames ! Yeah the 24th is gargantuan day for us. All that's left to do is get their Elf on the Shelf phone number.

Still with me? Tired? and now reading these ideas has actually given you less time to stage the elf invasion? Probably. Well you've come this far and there is no turning back now. Come deeper into the rabbit hole? Or are you already asking 'When does Elf on the Shelf leave'?

Revisit PART 1 or PART 2 and check out PART 3.
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