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50 Elf On The Shelf Ideas & Games. Part 3 (2020)

Part 3 . Simple and fun ideas for 'Elf on the shelf' that will hopefully get you through to 2021

Christmas Elves and Elf on the Shelf Games.

I absolutely loved discovering (and at the same time slightly troubled) that there is a thing called Mensch on the Bench - The Jewish alternative to Elf On The Shelf. Maybe I'll arrange to have a Mensch or two visit us alongside Fig and Pud next year .. I wonder if they will make their own Jewish Elf on the Shelf movie.

So, we did 10 in PART 1 and 10 in PART 2.

20 down and Lord only knows how many more elf pics I've yet to find on my phone.

You all ready for some more Christmas Elves? Yes! So without further adieu .. Let us just crack on with PART 3

Elf On The Shelf Snow Angels

21. For this ElfontheShelf I used a sprinkle of flour on the table - Snow angels!

Elf On The Shelf smash a window

22. A breakage! When does the Elf on the Shelf leave again?!?

Another straight-outta-China special (so allow for 5 months delivery) but this Amazon Elf on the Shelf 'ball that has smashed the glass' sticker was a lot better than I had imagined it would be and the boys thought it was absolutely wild.

Elf Not On The Shelf Recovery Bay

23. I have never lifted my hands to these meddlesome critters but this one-time (in band camp) they did actually take a bit of a tumble and required some first aid.

A tiny plaster on Fig's forehead, a bandage an Pud's arm and a logo lifted straight from Greys Anatomy. Elf on the shelf printable props!

Fino io? My candy-cane font could definitely be neater. It's a fair cop guvnor.

24. Christmas just isn't Christmas without a few inedible candy canes in the Elves house. Hide a few of them and make it a scavenger-type-hunt. My youngest thought the lettering said 'Fino io' and hence was understandably baffled as to what the game was?

So I would suggest taking a bit more time on the words than I did! And just look at that little Elf Christmas Tree.

Elf On The Shelf with Egg On The Shelf.

25. Elves Christmas. This was back in 2014 when I would still have eggs in the fridge... but 12 eggs on hand in the fridge?!? What the heck was I? the Princess of Eggville? The Baroness of Cholesterol? It is worth noting the box of piccolo tomatoes is merely for elf spinal support.


26. Elf on the Shelf mischievous ideas? Not really! December the 8th is Haydn's birthday so the elves are always here to celebrate with him. Ha! Once again this one induces belly giggles as it's such a throwaway idea.

We were away in Bluestone (ah man, I love that place) at the time and I remember Haydn being convinced it was the elvish way of telling the humans that they needed the toilet... "That's why they are both trying to take a 'P' mum." Precisely. All planned once again.

Elf On The Shelf Drawing.

27. "Paint me like one of your French girls Pud." GCSE art plays a vital role in my adult life once again. A Titanic Achievement. Thankyou Elf on the Shelf book of Art, here the finished Elf on the Shelf drawing on this tiny easel!

I am certainly not proud of myself posting this one.

28. Oh those naughty Christmas Elves just look at this Elves decor. A sofa cushion tower. Wrapped up in a bow. because. just. simply. because!

I love you Fig. I love you Pud. I mean it man. I mean it too man.

29. The spirited lil sprites are (somewhat disappointedly) no good at making shoes in the early hours but they can knock up a good Play-Doh Santa.

Elf On The Shelf Brothers with Elf on the Shelf face of innocence.

We Made you Breakfast ....and mum a fruitloop in the process

30. Christmas Elves decorations. It wasn't quite a litre of maple syrup drizzled on spaghetti but it was a tonne of jelly sweets and strawberry laces on cornflakes before 8am.

And get yourself off to bed ;-)

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